What are widgets and their general features?


In this FAQ, we will cover the basics of all the widgets and some of the many features they offer.

What is the point of a widget?

Our widgets are great tools that connect your MINDBODY information to your website. You only need to deploy a widget once onto your website, and it will update all by itself! Thus, if you change something in MINDBODY, you change it on your website. How cool is that?! 

Not only do widgets save you time, but they encourage your clients to use your services. Widgets make it easy to book online, whether they are using a laptop or a mobile device. In addition, all of the widgets can be customized to fit your needs and even design.

General Widget Features

This is just a sample of the features our widgets offer. For detail, please see the individual FAQs for each widget.


All of our widgets will re-configure to display on mobile devices.

Install on Facebook

All of the widgets can installed on Facebook as an app. In addition, if you have the Consumer Cart enabled, your clients can book from Facebook.

Start date for new businesses

New businesses can set the widgets not to show any information before a specific "Start Date."

Filtering options

All the widgets can be customized to fit your buisness. You can hide Class Types, Service Categories, Teachers, Session Types, and Locations from displaying.

Unlimited multiples

Coupled with filtering options, you can create unlimited widgets for all your different needs. For example, you can have a Schedule Widget that only displays Yoga, or an Appointments Widget that only displays Massage.

Customize the design

With our color-pickers and CSS text box, you can be sure that your new widgets blend in seamlessly with your website. If you don't have a web designer, you can even ask us to design your widget, free of charge!

Widget examples




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