Widgets for non-USA clients and language support


This article details the various ways to convert your widget to non-US settings. 


MINDBODY "hotwords"

Currently, we pull the following hotwords from MINDBODY:

  • Room 
  • Class Type
  • Appointment type 
  • Service category
  • Location
  • Assistant
  • Instructor
  • Location
  • Class Level 
  • Class 
  • All instructors

Use this FAQ to configure your hotwords: 




You can adjust the language of each widget and of your Cart using this help article.


12 hour or 24 hour time

Each time-sensitive widget gives the option of 12 hour time or 24 hour time in the Advanced Options section of the widget control panel.


Time zone

Each time-sensitive widget gives time zone options in the Advanced Options section of the widget control panel.


Default country in the Registration Widget

You can change the default country within the Registration Widget control panel.


Consumer Cart merchant account processor

Use this FAQ to determine if you can use the Consumer Cart for purchasing:



Consumer Cart currency symbol

Use this FAQ to change your currency symbol:


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