Promoting and Marketing your HealCode Mobile Apps


Here are five easy ways to promote your new HealCode Mobile Apps 

1) Put App Store badges on your website, blog, and in your newsletters

To locate the App Store badges:

  1. At the top of the page, in the HealCode manager navigation, click "Mobile Apps"
  2. To see the list of App settings pages, click “Mobile Apps” a second time in the navigation, and then click "App Store Links” to access the store badges.

This kit includes an Apple Store and Google Play graphic. Feel free to use any of these badges when you’re promoting your app whether it’s through a newsletter, website, or blog.

Don’t forget to add the link to the image!


2) Post about your apps on your social media sites

An essential part of your app promotion is digital marketing. Leverage digital word-of-mouth to spread the word about your mobile app.

Here’s an example post to promote your app:

"We’re excited to announce the release of our new mobile app! Sign-up for a first look: (link)"

This provides a clear, concise message of the release of your app in addition to a call-to-action to sign-up.



Additionally, encourage your followers to share the news within their own social network – you’ll increase your presence online and the chances of gaining new leads for your business.


3) Take advantage of Facebook App advertising

By using App Ads in Facebook, more potential and current clients will be exposed to your new app. For the setup, please see this page:


4) Have your staff tell clients about the apps

Some of our clients find it helpful to have an internal launch meeting so their instructors and teachers can promote the app to their customers.

In the launch meeting, you can review the features of the apps and benefits so your team can articulate how easy it is to check the schedule or sign-up”


5) Use QR codes on physical posters you create

You can display a QR code on a poster in your studio to promote your app and allow clients to quickly download your app. Simply add the links to your App Store and Google Play pages to generate your codes.

This site lets you do it for free:



Reminder: Deactivate the MINDBODY App marketing. 

Did you know that MINDBODY markets its own app directly to your clients whenever they visit your MINDBODY page? Now that you have your own branded app, you want to use it to beef up your business' branding as much as possible and separate yourself from your competition, so here's how you can turn-off MINDBODY promoting its branded app to your clients:


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