How Did You Hear About Us?... Extra Options showing up in the widget


If you have extra options showing up in the How Did You Hear About Us? section of the Registration Widget and Prospect Widget, check the following in your MINDBODY account.

Sub-Referral types in MBO will show on the widgets even if the Referral type is deactivated. 

To resolve the issue:

  1. In MINDBODY go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Referral Types
  2. Check "Active?" for all the Referral Types and then click Update Preferences
  3. Go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Referral Subtypes
  4. In the Referral Subtypes menu, go through each Referral Type and deactivate the undesired Referral Subtypes (make sure to click Update Subtypes for each Referral Type)
  5. Go back to the Referral Types page and deactivate any undesired Referral Types, Update Preferences
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