Google Analytics: Introduction on how to use it with branded web


This article introduces Google Analytics and the best ways to integrate it with your branded web account.

What is Google Analytics?

GA is a service, offered by Google, that helps you track traffic through your website. It records visitor patterns as data and generates statistical information to see how clients use your website. 

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How do I integrate it with my website and branded web?

  1. Deploy GA on your website. The methods vary based on your web design program but they all include putting the GA code in the header of every page on your website. If you're deploying this on every page, be sure to deploy it on pages with your widgets. This will track traffic clients up to the widget, follow the next step for tracking them through the cart.

    If you're not sure on how to deploy this, ask your developer/designer or contact the support team for your web design program.
  2. Deploy your GA Tracking ID in branded web. In order to track traffic through the Consumer Cart, go to branded web > Site Settings (at the top) > Cart Settings > Google Analytics Number > add your number > Submit.


NOTE: We suggest adding a full link to the "Cart Thank You Page Redirect," that way the Consumer Cart can track your clients through the entire cart experience. This can be anything from an actual thank you page to the home page of your website.


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