General filtering options for widgets


Trying to create a new filtered widget? Use these instructions


All the widgets can be customized to fit your business with filtering.

You can hide MINDBODY Class Types, Service Categories, Teachers, Session Types, and Locations from displaying. Using this method, you could create a widget to only to display "Massage Therapy" or "Private Pilates" Class Types.

You can apply some filtering in all the widgets; however, the Prospect and Registration Widgets are setup differently. 


To apply filtering, do the following steps:

  1. Log into HealCode
  2. Click "Manage Widgets"
  3. Click on the Title of the desired widget
  4. Scroll down to Advanced Options and click to see them
  5. Depending on the widget, you will see Teachers, Class Types, Programs, or Session Types.
  6. Click "Show ________"
  7. Check the desired options. Notice that if all the options are unchecked, everything will show. If certain options are checked, those are the only ones that will show.
  8. Once you've finished, click Save toward the bottom of the page
  9. Your widget will now display only what you have checked!



  • Filtering by "Teachers" will hide classes/enrollments taught by those staff members. If you add a new staff member in the future, you would need to update the "Teachers" filtering; otherwise, those new classes will be hidden. In general, we recommend not filtering by "Teachers" for the Schedule Widget, Enrollments Widget, or Class List Widget.
  • We recommend that you only filter one category per widget. For example, if you filter by Programs, do not also filter by Class Types. This does not apply to the Appointments Widget.
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