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Google Analytics will track how your clients navigate through the Consumer Cart.

The following will help you understand what pages are associated with the Consumer Cart and how they show up in Google Analytics. For more information on how to use Behavior Flow in Google Analytics, click here:

To access Behavior from Google Analytics, go to BEHAVIOR on the left-hand side. In Overview, you should see a screen similar to the one below.


Bookings Via the "Sign Up" Button

More than likely, your clients are getting to the Cart from the Sign Up button and will see something like this:

This will be recorded as mb/sites/8516/cart in GA

Then they're taken to this login screen:

This will be recorded as:


This will shorten in GA to look more like:



At this point, three things can happen in relation to the checkout process, and will each generate a different GA page

Successful Login: mb/sites/8516/cart/checkout

Invalid Logins: mb/sites/8516/session

Forgot Password: mb/sites/8516/client/forgot_password



If your class does not require payment or your client has the necessary pricing option in their account - your clients are then taken to this screen:

This is the same page as the successful login detailed above: mb/sites/8516/cart/checkout

If your client does not have the necessary pricing option in their MINDBODY profile, they are then taken to a page that prompts them to buy one. The page will look similar to this but with your pricing options:

This will be recorded as  mb/sites/8516/cart/checkout in GA

They are then taken to this page to confirm the Quantity and use a Promotion, if applicable.

Once they click "Checkout" they are taken to this page to select which credit card they would like to use:

This is labeled as mb/sites/8516/cart/checkout

Lastly, your clients are taken to the confirmation page, that lets them know that their payment has been processed. It is recorded in GA as mb/sites/8516/cart/process_payment


The "My Account" Section of the Cart

The other way your clients can use the Consumer Cart is to manage their account by using the various tabs under "My Account"

This is what it looks like:

Each tab in that screen has the following page name in GA:

My Info: /mb/sites/8516/client

My Schedule: /mb/sites/8516/client/schedules

My Visits: mb/sites/8516/client/visits

My Purchase History: mb/sites/8516/client/purchases

Account Balance: mb/sites/8516/client/account_balances


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