MailChimp: E-mail addresses not being added to your MailChimp List?


Worried that your prospect and client e-mail addresses aren't being sent to your MailChimp lists? Follow the steps below to test the connection between your MailChimp account and your HealCode account.

  1. Create a test client or prospect via the Registration or Prospect Widget
  2. Be sure to "Opt In" to the mailing list
  3. Submit your information
  4. Wait ten minutes and check your MailChimp list for the test client email address
  5. If the email address appears, Congrats! Your MailChimp account is connected to your HealCode account.

No e-mail address? Use the following options to ensure new e-mail addresses are being added to your MailChimp lists.


Option 1

Your MailChimp account is not connected to HealCode.


Option 2

The drop-down "MailChimp List" in the widget is not set to a specific MailChimp list.

  • Log into HealCode
  • Go to the Prospect or Registration Widget in the HealCode Widget Dashboard
  • Click "Edit"
  • In the "Basic Info Section" find the "MailChimp List" drop-down
  • Select the desired list 
  • Click "Save widget" toward the bottom of the page


Option 3

On very rare occasions, you must re-connect your MailChimp account to your HealCode account.


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