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Using your Google Analytics tracking code in branded web's Consumer Cart will help you track your clients purchasing trends and the revenue you gain from clients using the cart.

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What is tracked by the Cart's integration with GA?

HealCode will send a Conversion Pixel to Google Analytics that will track the following:

  • "Product" Name, Price, and Quantity (a Product can be a class, enrollment, appointment or pricing option)
  • Transaction ID of your MINDBODY site ID and Product ID
  • Cart Subtotal with Tax
  • If Applicable, the Location ID included in your MINDBODY site ID
  • The Class, Appointment and/or Service as Category
  • $0 for Shipping because we're not shipping a physical item, per item base.


What appears in Google Analytics?

To access Ecommerce, click on CONVERSIONS on the left-hand side. Bookings and purchases that took place in the Cart will appear here. You can track Revenue, Top Revenue Sources, Conversion Rate, and Product Performance. You'll also be able to look through individual transactions to see which Products are typically booked together. Transactions include the booking of classes, enrollments, appointments, and the purchase of pricing options. 


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