Google Analytics: Registration Widget


This article will tell you how to use the Google Analytics with the Registration Widget. 

This will report how many clients are filling out the Registration Widget within a time frame. Do they complete the form or drop off at this point? Or even, where do they go from there?


Create a Thank You page on your website. Something basic that Thanks your client for registering and then gives them a call to action; either sign up for a class (link to schedule) or buy something (link to Buy Now links/pricing page)

This page should include the Google Analytics Tracking Code from your GA account.


Copy the entire link for that page and paste it in the Thank You Page URL option in the Registration Widget's control panel. Then save your widget


***HealCode does not send the information your clients enter to Google Analytics***

This is more so to see registration trends rather than registration details. You can use MINDBODY Business mode for that. 

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