Workaround for Contracts & Packages and gift cards (using MINDBODY deep links)


As stated in our Known Issues FAQ here, the Consumer Cart does not support the sale of Contracts & Packages, gift cards, or physical products. For some of these options, the MINDBODY API (what our widget software uses to "communicate" with MINDBODY) does not provide us with that information.

The best workaround is to use our HealCode "Buy Now" Links (more information here) with MINDBODY deep links.

Deep links are just like your typical hyperlink, but you find these links in MINDBODY. MINDBODY actually has a help article about finding deep links for menus and pricing options here:

Links & Shortcuts in MINDBODY

Once on your website, Service Links and deep links can be styled the same. Use the following client's Pricing page as an example:


Detailed Example

In this example, a Buy Now Link has been added and so has a deep link for a Contract. The Buy Now Link and deep link have been styled to look the same. When you click on the Buy Now Link, you see the Consumer Cart. When you click on the deep link, you are sent to MINDBODY.


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