Adding larger or higher quality images in your Staff List Widget


If the images in your Staff List Widget are too small or blurry, you can use this workaround to get clear images on your website.

Step 1

  • FTP (or upload) the desired images to either your website or an image hosting website, such as imgur.


Step 2

  • Copy the "Image URL" to create an HTML <img> element. Don't worry, this step is easy. Paste your Image URL into the space below (do not delete the quotes)
<img src="YOUR IMAGE URL"/>


<img src=""/>


Step 3

  • Login to MINDBODY > Home > Staff > the staff member's profile > "Public biography" > click the HTML button


Step 4

  • Copy and paste the full img tag above and click "Update" (you can add a public bio after the image)
  • Then in the Staff profile, click "Save"
  • Note: If you already have an image uploaded into the staff profile photo area, you will need to delete it.



Step 5

  • First, log into HealCode
  • Click Manage Widgets
  • Click the Title of the Staff List Widget
  • Scroll to the Custom CSS text box in the Appearance section
  • Insert the following code into the Custom CSS text box (adjust the size as you see fit) and click Save at the bottom of the page
.trainer_info img {
height: 200px;
width: auto;




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