Putting widgets on WordPress.ORG using shortcodes generated by a plugin


This method has the following benefits:

  • You will not need to disable the Visual Editor to put the widget onto the website or to edit the page that the widget is located on (easier website maintenance)
  • You will have the shortcode already saved in WordPress if you need the code in the future

Note: Our widgets will ONLY work with WordPress.org sites and not WordPress.com. WordPress.com hosts the content on their servers and chooses not allow third party software. If you have a WordPress.com site you will need to upgrade to WordPress.org to use our widgets. To find out if this applies to your site, please see the "WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org" document created by the people at WordPress.


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Ready to start? Follow the directions below.


Step 1: Installing our plugin onto your WordPress.org site

You will be using a HealCode plugin from WordPress.ORG called HealCode MINDBODY Widget. Click here for more information about this plugin. If you are not the web developer/designer of your website, we recommend checking with your developer/designer before installing a plugin.

  • From within your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New > Search for "HealCode" > Install Now > Activate

If you already have the plugin installed, make sure is updated to the newest version by going to "WordPress > Plugins > HealCode MINDBODY Widget." If the plugin needs to be updated, you'll see an "Update Now" button.


Step 2: Getting the widget code from HealCode

  1. Login to HealCode
  2. Navigate to the desired widget and click on its Title
  3. Scroll to Deploy Your Widget at the bottom of the settings page
  4. Copy the full code in the text box


Step 3: Converting the widget code to a shortcode using the "HealCode MINDBODY Widget" plugin

  • Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard, locate "HC Widgets" in the navigation
  • Click "Widget Shortcodes"
  • Click "Add New Widget"
  • Add a Widget Title (such as "Schedule")
  • Paste the HealCode widget code into the "Widget Code" text box
  • Click "Create"


Step 4: Adding the shortcode to WordPress pages

Option 1: Installing widgets using the default WordPress editor

  1. Navigate to the desired WordPress page
  2. Click on the HealCode button above the text box
  3. Choose the widget from the list that appears

  4. Update/Publish your page 


Option 2: Installing widgets using a "Page Builder" 

Some WordPress themes, such as Avada, use a Page Builder instead of the default WordPress editor. If your theme is using a Page Builder, you can add the shortcode using a "Text Block."

Alternatively, you can use the "Raw HTML" block to install a widget instead of using our plugin.


Congrats! You have installed the widget using a shortcode!

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