Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I integrate my social media or website into the apps (Facebook, Twitter)?

A. Yes, you can add Web Page Links to your apps (i.e. webpages, social media pages, email links, Google maps, etc.). You can add as many as you would like. See our App Settings Tour for more information.


Q: Can I prevent my clients from signing up for classes through the apps?

A: Yes, you can prevent clients from signing up by setting the available spots for online booking to zero in MINDBODY. However, the signup link will still appear in the app; your clients will receive a message that the class is full if they attempt signup.


Q: Do the apps support 24 hr time?

A: No, the apps do not support 24 hr time at the moment.


Q: Can I change the currency symbol of my iOS app? (International Clients)

A: Yes, please find your code based on your location using the link below and contact technical support.


Q: Can I update my images, app short name, or app long name?

A: Yes, but we will need to rebuild your apps and resubmit them to the app stores. This can take up to 10 business day, but you app will continue to work while the app store is reviewing the rebuild. To start the rebuild process, fill out a help ticket.


Q: Will my clients need to re-download the app if you rebuild it? 

A: Clients may need to download an update to the app, but your clients will never have to delete and then re-download the app for a rebuild.


Q: Will my clients be able to use the app during the rebuild?

A: Yes, your apps will not be removed from the app stores during the rebuild.


Q: How do I add Pricing Options to my app?

A: Please see this support article.


Q. Do I need to accept online payment in my MINDBODY account in order to use the apps?

A: No, but tech support can hide the Pricing Screen of the iOS if you need. You will also need to allow unpaid signups in MINDBODY for the classes that display in the apps.


Q. Can my app title contain "CrossFit" or other trademarked names?

A: No, unfortunately, these trademarked names cannot be used as names in our Branded Mobile Apps. You will want to use an abbreviation, such as "CF" or "XFit" to replace "CrossFit."


Q: I just clicked "Build my app!" Can I make changes to the mobile apps (Pricing Options, Featured Links, App Data Settings, etc.)?

A: Yes, you can make these changes at any time. The only changes that require a rebuild are changes to the app images or the app names.


Q: Will my app be free to download for my clients?

A: Yes, your apps are available free for your customers in the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Q: Can I hide how many spots are left for classes in the apps (hiding remaining availability)?

A: It’s possible, but you’ll need to contact support to change this setting for your apps.


Q: Are clients able to use credit they have "on account" with the apps?

Our mobile apps do not currently support clients using credit they have on account towards the purchase of Pricing Options.


Q: Can I choose which classes and appointments I want to display in my app?

A: Yes, your customizable app allows you to pick and choose which Service Categories in MINDBODY you want to be on the app. You can switch them out anytime you'd like. If you add a new class or appointment that you want to include in your app, just use this FAQ.


Q: Does my app update to show when I change an appointment or class?

A: Yes, your app fully integrates with MINDBODY, so when you make a change the app will automatically retrieve the update.


Q: Can clients use their existing MINDBODY logins with the app?

A: Yes, your clients can login to the app the same way they do on your MINDBODY page. If a client forgets their password, our recover password function helps them reset their password. Brand new clients have the ability to create an account straight from your mobile apps.


Q: What can clients buy in the app?

A: Your clients can currently purchase "Services" through the iOS app. Examples include "5 Class Card" and "Unlimited 1 Month (no auto-renew)". Unfortunately, MINDBODY does not currently support Contracts & Packages to be sold through apps or other services that use their API. 


Q: Can I display promotions in the app?

A: Yes, you can create a fully customizable promotion with images and links that connect to the push notification system of your app. Learn more about push notifications here.


Q: What is an API?

A: API stands for "application programming interface". In brief, an API is what two different systems or programs use to communicate with each other. This is how the widgets and the apps connect with MINDBODY to display your schedule, class information, submit client information, and all other interactions with your MINDBODY account.


Q: Can clients be added to the waitlist via the mobile apps? Can clients remove themselves from the waitlist via the mobile apps?

A: Yes, clients are able to add themselves and remove themselves from the waitlist.








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