How to capture missing billing information using Client Alerts


You can enable Client Alerts in MINDBODY to capture the billing information of clients before they complete bookings. This is often an important feature for appointment-based businesses, such as spas who like to allow clients to book appointments - but not pay at that time - but want to have the credit card on file in case the client does not show.


Step 1: Enable the "Missing Billing Information" Client Alert in MINDBODY

  1. Login to your MINDBODY
  2. Go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Client Alerts
  3. Select Missing Billing Information
  4. Highlight the alerts you wish to enable, "Consumer Mode Appointment Booking" is typically selected here
  5. You can select multiple alerts by pressing CTRL on Windows or CMD on Mac and clicking additional alerts
  6. Check Force Resolution - Consumer Mode
  7. The other checkboxes are optional
  8. Click Update


Step 2: Update Client Alerts in HealCode

  1. Login to HealCode
  2. Go to Site Settings
  3. Under Online Bookings, go to the Client alerts for missing billing info setting
  4. Click Get Setting From MINDBODY to pull in the changes you made in Step 1



Before booking (depending on which alerts you selected), your clients will be alerted to enter their billing information into the Consumer Cart as seen in the image below.


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