Putting HealCode Buy Now Links on SquareSpace 7 using buttons


Unlike other website builders, you can HealCode Links to "Buttons" on SquareSpace websites. This makes the process of designing a Pricing or Rates page quicker and easier than many other website builders.

(Note: this process does not apply to Cover Pages in SquareSpace.)


Step 1

  • In Squarespace, go to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection
  • In the HEADER text box, paste the following script and Save
<script src="https://widgets.healcode.com/javascripts/healcode.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

NOTE: This ensures that the Buy Now Links appear on this specific page. If you want Buy Now Links on other pages, you would need to repeat Step 1 for each page.



Step 2

  • Edit the page you want the Links on
  • Hover over the location where you want to add a Link
  • When you see a teardrop, click on it and select "Button" in "Filters and Lists"


Step 3

  • Delete the placeholder text (for example, "Learn more") so that the Text box in the EDIT BUTTON screen is blank

  • Create a Link and copy its code using the instructions in this help article.
  • Paste this code into the Text box in the EDIT BUTTON screen

  • Save your changes to the Edit Button screen
  • Save your changes to the Page


Step 4

  • As needed adjust the CSS and layout of the page 
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