Web Page Links - i.e. adding embedded webpages and links to your Mobile Apps


Adding Web Page Links to your HealCode Mobile Apps allows your clients to browse webpages - such as from your website or social media pages - without having to leave your app. You configure which embedded webpages and links you'd like in your apps from within your account in HealCode. 


Step 1

  • Login to HealCode
  • Go to 'Mobile Apps' in the top navigation
  • Click 'Mobile Apps' again and then 'Web Page Links'


Step 2

On this page, you can add links to your social media pages (such as Facebook or Twitter), to your website, to your CrossFit WOD, or to a Contact page of your website. Links to webpages will load as embedded webpages within the app. You can add up to 5 Links.

At the bottom of this page, go to the 'Add a Link' section

  • Type in the name of the Link, such as 'Facebook'
  • Type or paste the URL to the webpage you want to show within the apps, such as https://www.facebook.com/HealCode
  • Click "Add link"
  • Reorder the list above by clicking and dragging the links



These links will display in the main navigation of the mobile app under "My Account" on iOS and under "Location Info" on Android. You can see a couple iOS examples below.


URL Entered: https://www.facebook.com/HealCode


URL Entered: http://www.healcode.com/



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