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The HealCode branded Android mobile app (version 6.1.0+) has the same functions as the iOS app, such as booking classes and appointments. Android app versions before 6.1.0 have a couple differences from the iOS app. For a list of differences, see this FAQ.

The Android app's main menu can be accessed on the left by tapping on the "hamburger" icon. There are six sections: Schedule, Appointments, Pricing, My Cart, My Account, and Location Info. Some of these sections can be disabled.




On the Schedule screen, you can browse a week of classes and enrollments. To view next week or beyond, just tap on "Next week" at the top.


To view more information about a class/enrollment or to sign up, you would tap on that class/enrollment. This screen will display the instructor's image in MINDBODY and the class/enrollment description in MINDBODY. If the class is cancelled, this screen will state that the class is cancelled.

After tapping "Sign Up" you will be prompted to login or create an account. If you are already logged in, you will immediately see a confirmation message.


To cancel a class/enrollment, you will navigate to the class/enrollment in the Schedule screen and tap "Cancel Reservation". You will then see a confirmation message.

You can also cancel the class from the "My Account" section of the Android app.



To book an appointment, you would tap on "Appointments" in the main menu. You will see a list of your Appointments Service Categories to choose from. After tapping on a Service Category, you would select an Appointment Type.


Next, you will see a list of available appointment times. This screen will show the instructor, date, time, and location of the appointment. You can choose a new date by tapping on "Choose Date" at the top of the screen. Then, you can tap on the appointment of your choice to continue booking.


You can tap "Book It" to book or request the appointment time (whether or not an appointment is booked or requested depends on your settings in MINDBODY). 



This section allows you to add pricing options to your Cart. To add a pricing option, just tap on the '+' symbol on the right and then tap 'Add to Cart' at the bottom of the screen.


My Cart

This section will display any pricing options that have been added to the Cart. You can purchase them either by using the card on file or by using a different card. When you are ready, you can purchase the pricing options in the Cart by tapping "Checkout" in the bottom-right.



The next screen will allow you to choose which card to use for the purchase.


After the purchase, you will see a confirmation message and options to book or check your Purchase History.


My Account

To view your Upcoming Schedule, Visit History, Purchase History, Active Memberships, and Barcode, you will tap on "My Account" in the main menu.


Location Info

On the Location Info screen, you will find your business information, including your business address, location description, and location phone number.



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