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During or after the building of your apps, you will want to check the settings to ensure that the apps are displaying the information that you want. During this tour, we will go over all of the app settings options available in the HealCode Manager.


Let's get started!

  • First, you will need to login to HealCode:
  • At the top of the page, in the HealCode manager navigation, go to "Mobile Apps"
  • To see the list of settings pages, go to “Mobile Apps" in the navigation



Push Notifications

On this page, you can either select to design a push notification (promotion) or you can schedule a push notification to be sent to your clients who have the app downloaded and notifications enabled. You can learn more about push notifications here and learn more about designing and scheduling one here.


Program Settings / Data Settings

On this page, you can choose which Service Categories (called Programs here) show in your apps by checking and unchecking the boxes in this menu.

You can also choose which locations you would like to include in your apps if you have a data share MINDBODY account. Users of the app can select from one of these locations at any time within your app, and on subsequent launches, the app will load the location the user chose last.

Be sure to click "Update Settings" when you are finished.

Note: Whenever you add new Service Categories (Programs) in your MINDBODY account, they do NOT automatically appear in your app, but instead as an unchecked box in this section of your HealCode account. Simply check the box, click the "Update Settings" button, and your new Service Categories will appear in the app within 15 minutes.  

Featured Appointments

On this page, you can select which Appointment Types you would like to display and make available in the apps for booking.

Please note: This setting only applies to the iOS app at this time.


Pay Programs

On this page, you can select your Service Categories from MINDBODY (called Programs here) that you would like to display Pricing Options from. So if you would like to display a "5 Class Pack" from your Service Category "Classes" on the Pricing screen in the app, you would need to select "Classes" on this page.

Please note: This setting only applies to the iOS app at this time.


In-App Purchasing

If you want your clients to purchase MINDBODY Pricing Options from your iOS app, you will need to configure these settings. Please see this FAQ for details. 

If you are not seeing a Pricing Option, please check if the Pricing Option is available to be sold online through MINDBODY. If it is, check to see if it was setup as a Contract or Package in MINDBODY. Unfortunately, Contracts and Packages are not currently supported. You can learn more about this limitation here.

If you do not have a supported merchant account processor (MAP) (you can see the list of supported MAPs here), tapping "Pricing" in the navigation will bring up your MINDBODY window within the app so that your clients can continue with the purchasing and booking process. Otherwise, if your MAP is supported, your clients can purchase from the app. 

Please note: This setting only applies to the iOS app at this time.


Web Page Links

On this page, you can add links to your social media pages (such as Facebook or Twitter), to your website, to your WOD, or to your email address (so that your clients can email you from their devices). Links to webpages will load as embedded webpages within the app. Add as many as you like!

These links will display in the main navigation of the iOS app under "My Account" and in the "Info" section of the Android app.



App Activity Log

This page allows you to track client activity from your apps, such as new clients, purchases, or cancellations.


App Store Links

This page includes an Apple Store and Google Play graphic. Feel free to download and use these badges when you’re promoting your app whether it’s through a newsletter, website, or blog.

Don’t forget to add the App Store link to the image!




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