Putting widgets on American Eagle


1. Navigate to the Page

  1. Login to your American Eagle website
  2. Click on the Add New page or Manage Pages
  3. Create a new page or navigate to the page you want to add the widget to and click Edit



2. Add a Module

  1. Click on Add Module at the top of the page
  2. Click on Content



3. Add the Widget Code

  1. In the Configuration Settings window, click on Source
  2. Delete ALL text in this section
  3. Login to HealCode
  4. Go to the widget you want to add and click on the widget's Title
  5. Scroll to the Deploy Your Widget section
  6. Click the Copy to clipboard button
  7. Back in American Eagle, paste the code into the text box on the Configuration Settings page
  8. Click Add 
  9. Save your page





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