Putting widgets on Jimdo


Important: You will need to contact HealCode support for your widget code before following the steps listed below. Please include each widget's title and type so we send you the correct code.

1. Navigate to the Page

  1. Login to your Jimdo website
  2. Either create a new page to put your widget onto by clicking Edit Navigation when you hover over the navigation or click on a page



2. Add an Widget/HTML Element

  1. Hover around the area you want to add the widget
  2. Click on the Add Element button that appears
  3. Click Additional Elements
  4. Click Widget/HTML



3. Add the Widget

  1. Contact HealCode Support for the widget code. Please include each widget's title and type so we send you the correct code.
  2. Copy the code that HealCode support has sent you.
  3. Back on Jimdo, paste the code into the Widget/HTML text box
  4. Click Add

When you click Add, the page will go white except for a small loading animation. Click the back or previous page button in your browser after seeing the loading animation. Your widget will be installed when you return to the page.




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