Putting HealCode Links on GoDaddy


Adding a Single Link to Your Website

1. Access your Website Builder

  1. Login to GoDaddy.com
  2. Go to My Account and then Manage Website Builder
  3. Select your website and click Manage
  4. Click Edit on the page that displays for your website


2. Adding the Link

  1. On the left-hand-side of the screen, scroll down to HTML Code
  2. Drop and drop onto the page
  3. Resize the box as needed
  4. Delete all the text in the HTML text box that displays
  5. In HealCode, copy your Link code and paste it into the HTML text box on GoDaddy
  6. Click Save and the link has been added

For more information on our links, see this FAQ:




Advanced: Adding a Pricing Table

1. Design Your Pricing Table

  1. Go to https://coveloping.com/tools/pricing-tables
  2. Design your Pricing Table using the options


2. Adding the HTML & CSS to Your HTML Code Text Box

  1. Go to the HTML & CSS section and click the Copy HTML to Clipboard button for HTML
  2. Inside the HTML text box on GoDaddy (instead of pasting the Link code in step 2.6 above) paste your HTML Pricing Table code
  3. Back on the Pricing Table website, go to the CSS section below the HTML section and copy it to the clipboard by clicking the Copy CSS to Clipboard button
  4. In GoDaddy, add a <style> tag and paste the CSS code between them (see the screenshot below)
  5. Lastly, replace each "Buy Now" in the HTML code with a Buy Now Link code from HealCode (see the screenshot below)
  6. Click Save




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