How to add ™ or other special characters to your widgets


To display special characters in the widgets, you will need to add the HTML code for the special character to the class or enrollment title in MINDBODY. Clients often use trademarks after special classes or event names. The most common is the ™ symbol.

To add this symbol you will do the following:

  • Login to MINDBODY Business Mode
  • Go to the class or enrollment's "Edit this Class/Event Description" screen
  • Replace the "" with "™"
  • Click "Save"


Example: Embodied Flow™ in MINDBODY will display as Embodied Flow™ in the Schedule Widget.


  Popular Special Character HTML Codes
® ®
© ©


Need a different special character? No problem, just use the instructions above and reference the following list of characters and their respective HTML codes:


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