Data Settings - Adjust which Service Categories & locations show in the apps


The Data Settings page in the HealCode Manager allows you to select which MINDBODY locations and which Service Categories in MINDBODY you want to display in the apps.

  1. First, you will need to login to HealCode:
  2. At the top of the page, in the HealCode manager navigation, go to "Mobile Apps"
  3. Click "My Apps" in the navigation again
  4. Click "Data Settings"



On this page, you can also choose which locations you would like to include in your iOS app if you have additional locations in your MINDBODY account or if you have multiple MINDBODY accounts attached to your HealCode account.

Users of the app can select from one of these locations at any time within your app, and on subsequent launches, the app will load the location the user chose last.

How to change locations in the iOS app



You can also choose which Service Categories in MINDBODY (called Programs here) show in your apps by checking and unchecking the boxes in this menu. If you do not select any Service Categories, the apps will default to show all the Service Categories (Programs).

Be sure to click "Update Settings" when you are finished.

Please note: Whenever you add new Service Categories (Programs) in your MINDBODY account, they do NOT automatically appear in your app, but instead as an unchecked box in this section of your HealCode account. Simply check the box, click the "Update Settings" button, and your new Service Categories will appear in the app within 15 minutes.



Other Settings

This section contains one option to show or hide fully booked classes in the Class Schedule tab of the iOS mobile app.

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