How to add a new MINDBODY site to your HealCode account


If you have a new MINDBODY site, you will need to add it using the following instructions.

Note: We recommend creating a NEW HealCode ACCOUNT instead for your new MINDBODY site. We can link your existing login to your new account, so you can easily switch accounts while logged in.


1. Find Your MINDBODY Site ID

  1. Go to your MINDBODY site
  2. Look at the URL
  3. Copy the numbers at the end of the URL (in this example, the MINDBODY site ID is 27124, but your ID will be different)


2. Add the MINDBODY Site to HealCode

  1. In the manager, click on your name in the top-right corner
  2. Click Manage Connections
  3. Click Add a Site
  4. Enter your MINDBODY Site ID and click Add Site
  5. Continue with the activation process using these instructions


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