Where are my Pricing Options?


If you are missing Pricing Options from the Links page in the HealCode Manager, please see the following reasons why they could be missing.


1. Your Pricing Option Is Not Set To Be Sold Online

  1. Go to your MINDBODY and login
  2. Go to Home > Manager Tools > Pricing Options
  3. Find the Sold Online column and add a checkmark next to your Pricing Option


2. Your Pricing Option Is Setup Under Contracts & Packages

  1. To check for this, go to MINDBODY and login
  2. Go to Home > Manager Tools > Pricing Options
  3. Click on the name of a Pricing Option
  4. Scroll to the Advanced Options section
  5. See if Only use in contracts and packages? is checked

If this option is checked, you can find your Contract under Buy Now - Contracts for the Link Type.


3. Your Pricing Option is for merchandise (physical products in MINDBODY)

Unfortunately, physical products cannot be sold at this time from the HealCode Consumer Cart. Products are found in MINDBODY by going to the Online Store section of Consumer Mode, and then to Products. You can link directly to this section of your MINDBODY using the following MINDBODY help article:


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