How to change your business name


Changing your business name is an exciting, yet stressful process. We'll make sure you have all your bases covered with this simple guide.

Step 1: Contact MINDBODY

MINDBODY will have some things they'll have to change on their end, particularly your site and location name. More instructions about changing your Business name can be found here:

After MINDBODY updates the name,you will need to update HealCode using the manage connections button in the HealCode manager. More instructions can be found here:


Step 2: Change Your Business Name in HealCode

Login to HealCode, and click on your name in the top-right corner and then Edit My Account. You can edit your business name in the first field. Then, click Update account.


Step 3: Update your Widgets

You need to update all your widgets that have your business name in if show title in widget is enabled. From your home screen. Click the widget you'd like to adjust, edit the field below to include your new name, and remember to click Save when you are finished editing. 




After completing this, you're done! Both MINDBODY and HealCode will be up to date with your business name change.


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