Adding a Pricing Table (Advanced)


Using HTML and CSS, most websites will support the addition of a Pricing Table that includes our HealCode Buy Now Links. This method is a great workaround for Wix websites. (Note: Weebly websites cannot use this method.)


1. Design Your Pricing Table

  1. Go to
  2. Design your Pricing Table using the options provided, including colors, the names of the Pricing Options, the prices, padding, etc.


2. Adding the HTML & CSS to Your HTML Code Text Box

  1. Inside the HTML text box on your website, add the script tag (more information about the script tag and configuring your Link can be found here)
  2. Go back to the HTML & CSS section of the Pricing Tables page on Coveloping and click the Copy HTML to Clipboard button for HTML
  3. Inside the HTML text box on your website, paste this code below the script code
  4. Back on the Pricing Tables page, go to the CSS section below the HTML section and copy it to the clipboard by clicking the Copy CSS to Clipboard button
  5. On your website, add a <style> tag and paste the CSS code between them (see the screenshot below of a GoDaddy HTML text box)
  6. Lastly, replace each "Buy Now" in the HTML code with a Buy Now Link code from HealCode (see the screenshot below of a GoDaddy HTML text box)
  7. Click Save

Note: Some website builders will not recognize the CSS you enter into the HTML text box. You may need to go to a special part of your website's backend to add CSS. For WordPress websites, you may need to download a plugin to add CSS.





GoDaddy Pricing Table


WordPress Pricing Table

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