Putting a Login|Register Link in the navigation on SquareSpace 7


Some SquareSpace themes do not allow you to close the Consumer Cart after it opens. This issue can usually be resolved by a SquareSpace developer.


1. Adding a Hyperlink to Your Navigation

  1. Login to SquareSpace
  2. Go to Pages
  3. Click on the + next to Top Navigation
  4. Click Link



2. Add the Login|Register Link Code

  1. In the Configure Link box, go to Link Title
  2. In HealCode, create a Login|Register Link and copy its code using the instructions in this help article
  3. In the Link Title text box on SquareSpace, paste this code

3. Adding a Fake Link

(You must add a link to save this menu option)

  1. Click on Click to add URL... in the Link section 
  2. Ensure the link is set to External
  3. Add a URL, such as the URL of your homepage (for example, we used http://www.healcode.com/)
  4. Click Save
  5. Drag and drop your menu option to the desired place in the navigation


Adding CSS to the Link

Because each Squarespace website may have slightly different code around the navigation, please contact support if you have questions about styling this Link.



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