Using Promo Codes with the Widgets


Adding the Promo Code in MINDBODY

  1. Login to your MINDBODY account
  2. Go to Home > Manager Tools > Promotions 
  3. Click Add New
  4. Fill in the options, but ensure that Discount Type is set to Percentage
  5. For the Discount Amount, ensure the amount is 100.00 or less


Use Percentages and Not Currency Amounts

  • Because of how promo codes are processed through our software and MINDBODY's API software, you do not want to use a currency amount, such as $15.00 off.
  • You will want to use a percentage that is 100% or less. 
  • Using a currency amount (such as $15.00) will cause an error during checkout for end-users if the Pricing Option in the Cart is less than the amount of the promo.
  • For example, if the Pricing Option in the Cart is $12.00 and the promo code results in $15.00 off, there will be an error.


Where Will the Promo Code Display?

  • The Promo Code field will display in the Consumer Cart during checkout of a Pricing Option.
  • The Consumer Cart must be enabled for your account, otherwise your clients will be redirected to MINDBODY for checkout.

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