How to disable unpaid signups in MINDBODY (why end-users can't pay through the Consumer Cart)


If you are noticing that your clients are able to book classes or enrollments without paying, you have unpaid signups enabled in your MINDBODY account. Some businesses prefer to do unpaid signups, while others will want all clients to pay for a Pricing Option or use a Pricing Option during signup.


Behavior of Unpaid Signups

Clients will immediately be booked into the class or enrollment without being prompted to pay.


Behavior of Paid Signups

Clients will be asked to purchase a Pricing Option before booking.


How to Disable in MINDBODY

For details on these steps, please contact MINDBODY support.

The class has unpaid signups enabled.

  1. Go to your Classes tab in MINDBODY Business Mode
  2. Click on a class
  3. Uncheck Unpaid online signups
  4. Click Save
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 for all classes that you want to disable unpaid signups for

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