Featured Appointments - Adjust which appointments are bookable in the app


On this page, you can select which Appointment Types you would like to display and make available in the apps for booking.

Please note: This changes will only apply to the iOS (iPhone/iPad) app at this time. The Android app will show all of the Appointment Types that are available to be booked online.

  1. Login to HealCode
  2. Go to Mobile Apps > click 'Mobile Apps' again > Featured Appointments
  3. You must add and remove the Appointment Types one-by-one so that the page can load.

When you add an Appointment Type on this screen, you are adding an available Appointment Type to the Appointments section of your mobile apps. Clients will be able to book that Appointment Type. When you remove an Appointment Type from this screen, your clients will no longer have access to booking it using the Mobile App.

Please note: If you do not see any Appointment Types on this screen, you may not have any Appointment Types available for online booking in MINDBODY.


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