5 HealCode Best Practices to Help You Make Money!


NOTE: To take advantage of these money-making best practices you'll need a Branded Web account. Find out more here!


Welcome! These 5 Best Practices will help you more fully utilize our services - creating an elegant and intuitive interface on your website that helps you generate more revenue. 


#1: Turn your pricing page into a sales funnel with our Buy Now links

Adding these links allows you to capitalize on your client's impulsivity. It'll only take a client less than a minute to start second guessing and asking themselves, "do I really need this class?" Placing the Buy Now links right next to the pricing options allows them to make that choice before they have second thoughts, and turns your website into a selling machine.

You can see buy now links in action here.

Learn more about all of our links here.


#2: Place our Login|Register link in your website's top right corner

A Login|Register link really pulls your website together, and nearly all major websites have them: Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo and many, many others. A Login|Register link makes your website appear more secure, which puts clients, and especially prospects, at ease when paying for a class online. If someone is skeptical, they may not follow through. A Login|Register Link assuages that fear and increases the amount of clients and prospects who follow through with that purchase.

Curious? You can see buy now links in action here.

Ready to upgrade your website? Check out how to utilize this link here.


#3: Go paperless by using our Registration Widget on a tablet or Chromebook in your Lobby

No more clipboards! First, create a webpage within your site that has nothing but the registration widget on it. Pull this page up on your tablet or Chromebook, and have it on your front desk for easy access to clients.

Have any walk in prospects or clients simply use the tablet or Chromebook in your lobby to register with your studio. All clients who register with our registration widget have all of their information, including when they signed your liability waiver, stored in MINDBODY. No need for messy filing cabinets or other papers that get lost.   


#4: Combine Buy Now Links and a Prospect Widget to Turbo Charge your Intro Offer

This is similar to practice #1 above, but this targets your prospects rather than your regular clients. Again, we are going to utilize that impulsivity that a prospect carries looking at your site for the first time.

First, we'll showcase an irresistible intro offer that grabs a prospect's attention. You'll do this with a buy now link. See how to configure those here.

Sometimes people are hesitant to use the buy now links to sign up because perhaps they hurt their knee, or maybe they're out of shape. We recommend using the prospect widget for those who aren't quite sold. It’s a quick contact us form and easier to fill out than calling or writing an email.

That's why we've put the prospect widget right next to our buy now links here.


Best Practice #5: Use the Schedule, Enrollment and/or Appointment Widgets as they suit your business, and have us customize them!

We have many widgets that suit all kinds of business needs.

Our Schedule Widget is ideal for classes, but it can also display enrollments. Classes are recurring events that happen at a set time with a predetermined amount of seats. It can display a week's worth of classes at one time.

Our Enrollments Widget is perfect for events whether they're weekend camps, a one time guest instructor, or a banquet. The ideal way to use our Enrollments Widget is for any event that occurs at a specific time with a limited amount of attendance slots.

Our Appointments Widget is perfect for scheduling a specific session at a specific time with a specific person. These are usually 1 on 1, but don't have to be. The key thing is these are used when a client is booking with a specific instructor at a specific time from that instructor's availability.

Lastly, branding is essential to your business so make sure to customize your widgets. You can change colors, fonts, size and any other appearance related factor to your widget.

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