6 HealCode Best Mobile App Practices


Here are a half dozen 'best practice' ideas that will help you more fully utilize our mobile apps!


#1: Customize Your App

Customizing your app with your business colors brands yourself in a world of businesses struggling to find their voice. Match your mobile app's colors with your business' to put your mark on your app. 

You can read more about how to do this here. 


#2: Utilize Push Notifications

Push notifications are an invaluable marketing tool to reach your client base. They're perfect for announcing promotions, new classes or workshops or a myriad of other possibilities. You discover the world of push notifications here and learn how to utilize them on your brand new app right here.


#3: Promote Your App

One of the most popular questions we receive is, "How do we get the word out about our app?" The answer is great, because in today's world of technology, there are hundreds of ways. In addition to classic methods such as simply having your staff tell your clients about them, you can utilize QR codes, web links, social media, and several other ways that would be too numerous to list here. We have created a list of some of the most popular methods. You can take a look here.


#4: Web Page Links

We've created the ability to add any web links to your app's main navigation. These can link to anything from your Facebook page to the Wikipedia page on pilates. The limit is your imagination. Learn to link your world here.


#5: Marketing the MINDBODY App to your clients

Once you're HealCode mobile app is on the market, you will want to consider whether you still want to market the MINDBODY's App to your clients. We have a handy guide to walk you through this that you can read here.


#6: Amp up Your Business by Synergizing with Widgets

Our website widgets are a great complement to our custom mobile apps. While we don't have hard statistics, we believe that about half the time clients would prefer to book through a mobile app and the other half - through a website. Our widgets help turn your website into a web funnel - providing the ability for visitors to it to book, purchase and manage their accounts right there. In addition, our Buy Now links help you turn your Pricing page into a sales generator. For more information, take a look here. We'll answer any questions you have.


If you already have widgets, learn how to best utilize them by following our 6 best widget practices (that help make you money!).

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