Configuring your Staff List Widget


In this help article, we cover the settings of the Staff List Widget, including filtering and styling.

Sections covered:


Basic Info Section

  • Title: This is only for your reference unless you check the next option "Show/Hide Title."
  • Show Title in Widget: This will make the Widget Title visible on your website just above the Staff members.
  • View: We have two views for the Staff List Widget. The MINDBODY Classic view is the most common view and displays similar to MINDBODY Consumer Mode. Narrow/Mobile is great for footers, sidebars, and mobile-only views. 


Appearance Section

  • Signup Button Text: This is the text of the signup button. Other examples include "Reserve" and "Book." If you want to hide this button, please use this article.
  • Base Style: We offer a default styling of the Staff List Widget, but you can remove this styling if you or your developer want to do something more specific.
  • Custom CSS: This is often used to customize the widget further. If you are not familiar with CSS, you can contact your developer or tech support for assistance. For instructions adding CSS, please reference this article.
  • Colors: These are color pickers. We have a tutorial for using these here
  • Columns to display: These are the columns/information that will appear in your widgets. For example, if you want to hide the class type, you would uncheck "Class Type" in this section.


Advanced Options

  • Teachers (Staff): These are the staff you do want to display in the widget. If you want all the staff to show, do not select anything. You can also reorder the staff in this section by clicking and dragging; instructions here. Note: If you choose to show specific staff in this widget, and decide later to add new staff or remove staff, you will need to come back to this setting and adjust it. 
  • Class Types: These are the Class Types you do want to display in the widget. If you want all the Class Types to show, do not select anything.
  • Truncate length: You can limit the number of characters of the public biography that initially show when the Staff List Widget loads.
  • Class images: You can choose to show class images in each row of the schedule.
  • Time Display Format: Clients in countries that often use 24 hour time (i.e. 21:00) will want to adjust this setting to 24 hour. 
  • Start Date: You can change the date that the widget starts on using this help article.
  • Time Zone: Your time zone.
  • Language: Choose which language this widget will display in. More details can be found here.



  • Please see this help article for instructions installing your Staff List Widget. 


Additional Notes

  • This widget will only show classes and enrollments that are scheduled within the next 30 days.
  • If you do not offer classes or enrollments in your MINDBODY account, you can hide the "See when...." button using this article.
  • If you just added a new staff member, and they are not showing in the widget as desired, you will need to adjust the filtering using this article.
  • It may take up to one hour for this widget to refresh when you adjust a setting or add new information in MINDBODY.
  • You can turn on the Consumer Cart using this article.



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