Adding a widget to a Slider in WordPress


You can add a HealCode widget to a slider using a plugin called Wp Anything Slider. This will allow you to time how long the widget shows on the page before sliding to text, an image, or another widget.

Learn more about this WordPress plugin here:

(Note: This company is not affiliated with HealCode.)


1. Install the plugin

  1. Login to WordPress
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Search Wp Anything Slider
  4. Find and click Install
  5. Click Activate


2. Add the widget to a slider section

  1. Go to Settings > Wp Anything Slider
  2. Pick a section and click Edit
  3. Go to the Text editor and paste your HealCode Widget code
  4. Choose a Setting
  5. Click Update Details


3. Add the slider to a page

  1. Go to Settings > Wp Anything Slider
  2. Click on View Shortcode
  3. Find your Setting and copy the shortcode
  4. Go to Pages in the WordPress navigation and find the desired page
  5. Paste the shortcode into the Visual Editor
  6. Update the page


4. Results


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