Email notifications error message "Alert: We received an odd response from MINDBODY."


Usually, the following message in your Registration Widget email notification from HealCode indicates that a Custom Field was setup in your MINDBODY as the "Number" type instead of the "Text" type.

"Alert: We received an odd response from MINDBODY. Although we believe the client was added in your MINDBODY account, you may want to double-check. However, we were not able to upload the Liability Waiver PDF to the documents section."

You can fix this by doing the following:

  1. Login to your MINDBODY
  2. Home > Manager Tools > Settings > Client Profile Custom Fields
  3. Ensure all of the "field types" are set to Text and not Number (there are no known downsides to this)
  4. Update


There's a few other things that can cause this that are "edge case" scenarios. If you still experience this problem, please reach out to us!

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