Putting Widgets on Weebly (Carbon)


In the following video, we will go over the concept behind putting a HealCode widget onto your Weebly website.


Detailed Instructions

  1. Navigate to the desired page using Pages at the top
  2. Click Build at the top
  3. Find the Embed Code button in the Elements section and drag it into place 
  4. Navigate to HealCode and Login
  5. Find the desired widget and click on the widget's Title
  6. Scroll to the bottom of this page to the Deploy Your Widget section
  7. Copy the widget code
  8. Back in Weebly, click on your HTML box and click Edit Custom HTML
  9. Paste the code 
  10. The widget will start loading after this

NOTE: The widget will look different on the published website.



Get your widgets customized at no extra charge by contacting technical support.

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