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On November 1, 2015, HealCode updated all Schedule Widgets in use by our clients with a technology called 'caching' that, very simply, makes it load faster on your website. There is nothing you have to do because of this update. This FAQ goes over the details of that code update.

Q: What is caching and how it relate to the Schedule Widgets?

A: Caching refers to temporarily storing information locally, rather than reading from a server. It's done to speed up the load time of information on a web page. In this case, the information that is sped up is our Schedule Widget.

Schedule Widgets contain both information that doesn't change very often and information that changes frequently. Most of the information in a schedule widget doesn't change very often at all -- the name of the class, the time the class takes place, and the location of the class, for example. We cache this information so that we can load it more quickly. The information that changes frequently is whether a class has any space available, how many available spaces remain, whether the class has been canceled, or if there's a substitute instructor for the class. These four pieces of information are updated in real-time to reflect their current status in MINDBODY. Here's how this looks for a Schedule Widget.

If you go to this page (, you'll see that the "Today's Schedule" Schedule Widget loads very quickly. That's because the class names, times, locations, etc. have been cached.

On this Schedule Widget, you'll notice the brief appearance of what we call 'spinners' just before Sign Up buttons appear. These spinners are visible for a very short amount of time, since that's when our Schedule Widget is retrieving the four things above that we don't actually cache.

Q:  If the Schedule Widget doesn't cache whether a class has been canceled or if there's a sub, then if I cancel a class in MINDBODY or put in a sub for the teacher, do I have to 'sync' the Schedule Widget with my MINDBODY account?

A: No, you don't. Whether a class has been canceled or a sub has been put in for the main teacher is not cached. Hence, if you change either of those in MINDBODY, then they'll update the next time someone loads the page containing the Schedule Widget.

Q: In what circumstances would I have to 'sync' my Schedule Widget with my info in MINDBODY?

A: If you change the name of a class or when it's offered, you might want to sync. You also don't have to. Our cache expires about once an hour. In other words, if you don't do anything after making a change in MINDBODY, the Schedule Widget will update on its own and sync with your MINDBODY account in about an hour.

Q: How do I manually sync it with my MINDBODY account?


Click here to view an article with step-by-step directions on how to do this.


Q: I've been a client since before November 1, 2015. Do I have to do anything to make the caching work? Do I have to repaste the code?

A: No. You don't need to do anything. We simply turned the caching on and so now your Schedule Widget loads faster on your website.


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