Setting up a Consumer Cart "Thank You" page redirect


If you have the Online Bookings enabled for your HealCode account, you can send your clients to a "Thank You" page after the confirmation message. Your clients would be sent to this page after he or she completes a booking of an appointment, enrollment, or class from the Consumer Cart.


Reasons for a "Thank You" Page

You may want to setup a "Thank You" page for your Cart for the following reasons:

  • Encourage your clients to proceed with booking or to book again
  • Encourage your clients to purchase a pricing option
  • Track bookings/purchases with Google Analytics
  • Provide your clients with more information about your classes (FAQs)




How to Add a Cart Thank You Page Redirect

  1. Create a new page on your website (usually called "Thank You")
  2. Add the relevant information to the page, make sure the page is viewable by the public, and ensure the page is hidden from the navigation
  3. Find the URL of the page and copy it
  4. Login to HealCode
  5. Click Site Settings
  6. Paste the full URL into the Thank you page redirect field under Online Bookings
  7. Click Submit at the bottom of the page


NOTE: The URL entered into the "Cart Thank You Page Redirect" field must start with http:// or https://.

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