Classes cannot be booked. "Request failed" error message appears.


This article will cover how to resolve this error in the HealCode Mobile App.


If you are seeing the error message above in iOS or missing signup buttons in Android, there is a Scheduling Restriction set in MINDBODY for "Day of Month Scheduling Opens for Next Month" OR "Scheduling Hours" are not set to "24 hours per day."

  • If the Scheduling Restriction is set to anything other than "Unrestricted," the Sign Up buttons won’t appear due to a bug in the part of MINDBODY software that sends information to our widgets (known as the MINDBODY API). The bug's tracking number is #31319.
  • For "Scheduling Hours" the option must be set to "24 hours per day."
  • To change this setting, in your MINDBODY account, go to Home > Manager Tools > Settings > General Setup and Options > Consumer Mode Settings > Scheduling Restriction - Day of Month Scheduling Opens for Next Month.
  • Select "Unrestricted."
  • Above this option is "Scheduling Hours."
  • Set this to "24 hours per day."

  • Click Update.
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