What F45 Training locations need to know about Branded Web (Formerly HealCode)


 So you've been told you need Branded Web. This FAQ goes over the following:

  1. What Branded Web does
  2. Which services F45 Training locations use
  3. How to get started (signing up)
  4. Enabling Online Bookings & Ecommerce
  5. Configure your widget settings
  6. After you've signed up (installing widgets)
  7. Examples


1. What Branded Web does

Branded Web provides several essential products, called Widgets and Links. These products are installed directly to your website and can display your MINDBODY schedule, sell your free trial, register clients for your studio, and enroll your clients in classes. Our products are linked to your MINDBODY site and always pulling in the most up-to-date information. This keeps your website's schedule current and makes booking quick and easy for your clients.


2. Which services F45 Training locations use

Most F45 Training locations will use the following:

  • Schedule Widget (on the Timetable page)
  • Consumer Cart (enable only if you are using a supported merchant account processor)
  • Registration Widget (which appears in the Consumer Cart)
  • Buy Now Link for the Free Trial
  • Facebook Widgets


3. How to get started (signing up)

Contact accountdevelopment@mindbodyonline.com to setup an account.


4. Enabling Online Bookings & E-Commerce 

Many F45 Training locations use the Consumer Cart for online bookings and e-commerce. The Cart will usually be enabled by default. If your Cart is disabled by default, only enable the Cart if you are using ezdebit™ as your merchant account processor or another supported MAP.

The Consumer Cart keeps your clients on your website during the booking of your classes. If you enable the Cart, please keep in mind that any MINDBODY Contract will not be available for purchase through the Cart. However, F45 Tech Support can setup a link on the website that will redirect clients to MINDBODY Consumer Mode to purchase the Contract using MINDBODY Links.

If you would like to enable the Cart for online bookings and e-commerce, please see this help article.


5. Configure Your Widget Settings

Using the help articles below, please double-check the settings of your widgets.

Registration Widgethttps://healcode.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204592504 
Schedule Widgethttps://healcode.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205222440


6. After you've signed up (installing widgets)

You'll want to contact F45 Tech Support (tech@f45training.com.au) to install the widgets. There are two options for contacting F45 Tech Support:

Option 1 - You can provide F45 Tech Support with your Branded Web login information. They will install the Schedule Widget and Buy Now Link to your website. Note: The Consumer Cart and Registration Widget are included with the booking process and do not need to be directly installed.

Option 2 - You can provide F45 Tech Support with the Schedule Widget and Buy Now Link codes.

The code for the Schedule Widget is found by going to Branded Web > Widgets > One Week Class Schedule > scroll to Deploy Your Widget at the bottom of the page > click "Copy to Clipboard". Paste the code into the F45 Tech Support email.

The code for the Buy Now Link is found by going to Branded Web > Links. Create the Link by choosing "Buy Now - Pricing Options" as the Link Type and then choose the Free Trial as the Link Target. Copy the code to your clipboard. Paste the code into the F45 Tech Support email.


7. Examples

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