Putting HealCode Buy Now Links on SquareSpace 7


Buy Now Links can be added to Squarespace 7 similar to widgets.


Step 1

  • In Squarespace, go to Settings > Advanced > Code Injection
  • In the HEADER text box, paste the following script and Save
<script src="https://widgets.healcode.com/javascripts/healcode.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


Step 2

  1. Navigate to the page you would like to install the Buy Now Link onto
  2. Locate the "edit bubble" by hovering your mouse within the content box of the page. Ideally you'll want to do this in the location on the page you'd like the widget to display.
  3. Once you see a little bubble come up, click once.


Step 3

When you see the options below, scroll down to Code and click it.


Step 4

When you see the "Edit Code" box as shown below, make sure that Display Source is unchecked and that the drop-down menu to the right has HTML selected.


Step 5

Create a Link and copy its code using the instructions in this help article.


Step 6

After copying the Link code from your HealCode account, simply paste it within the box in Squarespace then click Apply.


Step 7

Now that you've embedded the code, simply click the top-left Save button and you're good to go! Note: You will not see the widget load until you view the page outside of your Squarespace admin.

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