Workarounds for the sale of Contracts


MINDBODY offers pricing options, called Contracts, that will bill the client monthly. Clients can use contracts in the HealCode Consumer Cart to book classes, enrollments, and appointments.

However, the sale of contracts is not yet supported by our software or the API software that is used to connect HealCode to MINDBODY. So while clients can certainly use contracts to book, they will not be able to purchase these contracts via our Buy Now Links or Widgets.

In the meantime, we have two recommended options for working around this shortcoming.


Option 1: MINDBODY Links

Instead of using a HealCode Buy Now Link, you can use a deep link that directs to the point of the sale in MINDBODY Consumer Mode. 

Instructions can be found here.



Option 2: Using a placeholder pricing option

With this workaround, you'll setup a one-time pricing option in MINDBODY (called a "Service"). This pricing option will act as a placeholder. Your clients will purchase the placeholder, and then you or a staff member will add the Contract (starting one month after the placeholder) in MINDBODY Business Mode to the client's account. 

This will allow the client to quickly purchase the placeholder using the HealCode Consumer Cart and be billed monthly.

Note: This method requires additional steps for staff in MINDBODY Business Mode.

Steps for creating the placeholder pricing option

  1. In MINDBODY, go to Home > Manager Tools > Pricing Options.
  2. Click Add New
  3. Create a one-time pricing option similar to your contract. Be sure to include ContractMembership, or similar in the title, so that clients know they will be billed monthly. Ensure the pricing option lasts one month. Ensure that the pricing option is Sold Online.
  4. Click Add

Steps to Enable the Purchase Auto Email

  1. In MINDBODY, go to Home > Manager Tools > Auto Emails
  2. Select Purchase Receipt (CONSUMER MODE)
  3. Enter an email address into the Business copy email field
  4. Click Save

Steps after the sale

After the client has purchased the placeholder pricing option, you'll need to add the real contract (auto-pay) in MINDBODY Business Mode.

  1. After the sale, you'll receive the MINDBODY Purchase Auto Email.
  2. In MINDBODY, go to Retail.
  3. Find the client who purchased the placeholder and add the Contract to his or her account one month from the sale date.

Note: This will need to be done for each purchase of the placeholder pricing option.


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