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SEO or "search engine optimization" is the process of obtaining a higher ranking search result to gain more website traffic. Many of our clients have questions about SEO and how our widgets and links will affect the SEO of their website. Below we answer the most common questions.


Q. Will widgets improve the SEO of my website?

A. The SEO of your website will depend largely on other elements, such as content, links, and page titles. If our widgets contribute to the SEO, they would have little effect either way. To learn more about SEO, please visit this article from Search Engine Land.


Q. How can I improve the SEO of my website?

A. To improve the SEO of your website, it is recommended that you work with a knowledgable web developer, designer, or marketing team. A good place to get started is on our Partners page. These partners are familiar with HealCode, MINDBODY, web development, and SEO.


Q. Can search engines index the widgets (are widgets "crawlable" by Google Search)?

A. Text and links in our widgets cannot be indexed by Google. In other words, text in our widgets (such as class descriptions or staff bios) will not show up in search results.


Q. Google Search will use "mobile-friendliness" to rank websites in mobile searches. Are widgets mobile-friendly?

A. Yes, all of our widgets are mobile-friendly. They will adjust when viewed on a mobile device. You can learn more about Mobile SEO here.


Q. Do my clients leave my website to use the widgets?

A. If you have the HealCode Consumer Cart enabled, your clients will stay on your website to book and purchase. On iOS (iPhone and iPad), our Cart will open in a new browser tab.

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