Google Analytics Common Questions


Google Analytics is the most popular way of tracking website traffic. As a result, we have an easy way to integrate Google Analytics into your Consumer Cart and Registration Widget. Below, we have answered the most common questions we receive about this integration.


Q. How do I add the Google Analytics tracking code to the widgets/Cart?

A. There is no need to add the tracking block of code to our widgets or Cart. You only need to add your Tracking ID (looks like UA-XXXXXXX-X) to the Google Analytics Number field in Site Settings. We have more detail about adding this ID here.


Q. Can I add a Thank You Page to the Cart?

A. Yes, we have instructions in this help article for adding a Thank You Page to the Cart. This page will appear after clients book or purchase using the Cart.


Q. How do I integrate Google Analytics with branded web.

A. Please see this help article to get started.


Q. How do I track my clients going through the Cart and Registration Widget using this integration?

A. Please see our help articles about the following topics:

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