What HealCode supports from the MINDBODY Online Store


The MINDBODY Online Store supports the sale of several types of pricing options, including physical Products, Contracts, Packages, Services, and more.

HealCode's Buy Now Links support the sale of Services from the Online Store. Services are sometimes called "Series & Memberships" in the Online Store. 

Service Examples: 5 Class Pack, 10 Class Pack, 1 Month Unlimited, Free 1 Week Trial


Common Questions

Q: How do I know if my pricing option is a Service?

A: It will be listed under "Services" or "Series & Memberships" in the MINDBODY Consumer Mode Online Store (see below). Services are one-time pricing options that are not setup using "Contracts" or "Packages" in MINDBODY.


Q: How do I sell my physical Products from my website?

A: Because physical Products are not supported by our Links, you'll want to use MINDBODY Links to sell your physical products from the website. Instructions can be found here.


Q: How do I install the Buy Now Links to my website to sell Services?

A: Please see this help article to get started.


Questions? Please reach out to HealCode technical support here.

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