Send auto emails to MINDBODY prospects after they submit the HealCode Contact Us form


At this time, MINDBODY doesn't offer an auto email similar to the "New Welcome Email (Consumer Mode)" for new prospects that are added using our Contact Us form widget. Good news is that you can send your new prospects an auto email from your Gmail account with the help of IFTTT.


Click here if you're setting up different auto emails for multiple prospect widgets.


NOTE: Services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact can be configured to send prospect auto emails on their own.


Before getting started you'll need:


Step 1

Add our IFTTT recipe to your account


Step 2

Connect your Gmail account

Step 3

Leave "Trigger" section as is for now.

In "Action" section:

  1. Copy/Paste {{BodyPlain}} into the text box below Prospect Email
  2. Customize the Subject Line if needed



Step 4

Replace Body contents with your desired message. We suggest using this free Text to HTML conversion tool


Use an Existing MINDBODY Auto Email

You can even use an existing MINDBODY auto email if you wish.

Go to Manager ToolsAuto Emails

Select the auto email type that you'd like to use.

Edit the Body Text - Replace Phrases cannot be used, and will need to be removed.

Click HTML when Body Text is ready.

Copy the contents within the HTML Source Editor.

You may need to resize this window to see the HTML code after clicking HTML button in the step before.

Replace the IFTTT Body seen in Step 4 by pasting the HTML code from your MINDBODY auto email. 


ADVANCED: Triggering Auto Emails for different Prospect Widgets

You may have many Prospect widgets that require their own customized auto email. For example, the auto email received from using the a widget on the contact us page may differ from the widget on your Intro Offer page.

We can create new IFTTT recipes for different Prospect Widgets by editing the Gmail 'Search for' trigger to include the Prospect widget's title. The default trigger, subject:prospect, will send an auto email for any prospect created in HealCode regardless of the specific widget.

Changing the 'Search for' trigger in this recipe to subject:(WIDGET TITLE) will trigger an auto email when this particular widget is used. 


I've created auto emails for one specific Prospect widget, but how do I create a second recipe?

  1. Start again at step 1
  2. Skip Step 2
  3. On Step 3, go to the bottom of the page and click Advance Settings below "Add"


4. In default Gmail 'Search for' trigger, subject:prospect, replace prospect with your Prospect widget's title (inside parentheses)


5. Complete step 4 and save


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