Putting widgets and links on Adobe Muse


Deploying HealCode Widgets and Links will use the same step when working within Adobe Muse.


Installing a HealCode Widget

In your HealCode account, scroll to the bottom of a widget's setting page and copy the widget code.


1. Within Adobe Muse, click Objects in the top menu bar

2. At the bottom of the list click Insert HTML 

3. Delete the default text and paste the widget code in the text box.

4. Click Okay

5. Click an edge of the HTML box while pressing shift to resize the widget. The widget may not render in the editor view until it's an adequate size.

6. Click Preview if the widget hasn't rendered to make sure it looks okay.



Installing HealCode Links

First, in the HealCode links section after the First: Paste... section, click copy to clipboard 

Follow steps 1-3 and pick up here after.

Next download the widget link code for the desired Buy Now Link

Using step 3 again, paste the Link Code directly after the first line of code again and press okay.


Adding styling to HealCode Links

1.  Click Page in the Muse main menu bar

2.  Click Page Properties

3. Click the Metadata tab

4. Add your styling to **HTML for <head>**



  • All styling should be put in between tags <style> </style>
  • For styling applied to buy now links use the class .healcode-buy-now-link
  • For styling applied to login now links use the class .healcode-login-register-text-link


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